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Parade History

The Chicago Pride Parade commemorate the Stonewall rebellion that took place on June 28, 1969 when patrons of a New York City gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, fought back during a raid by police.

At that time gay bars were frequently raided across the country. That night, bar patrons fought back and street demonstrations continued for several days. During that week gay liberation groups were formed, thus giving birth to the modern day LGBT rights movement.

Pride parades are staged in over 150 cities worldwide with more than 90 of them in the United States and at least 12 taking place on the last weekend of June each year. The annual Chicago Pride Parade has been coordinated by PRIDEChicago for over 5 decades.

Celebrate Pride With Us!

A celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, June 30th, 2024. The parade begins at 12 noon at Montrose and Broadway and continues south along Broadway, then Halsted, east along Belmont to Broadway, then south to Diversey.

The parade, organized features nearly 200 registered entries. You’ll see celebratory floats, festively-outfitted vehicles, a variety of performance groups, a marching band, and many revelers on foot. Parade participants will represent community organizations, businesses, governmental officials and individual community members, all gathered to commemorate the history and celebrate the legacy of the fight for LGBTQ rights.

Parade day is usually hot and sunny so be prepared. Wear sunscreen and bring more to reapply if necessary. Bring plenty of water. You might want a hat or other head covering, as the best parade-viewing spots are not in the shade.

Whatever you want! You’ll see people in costume, decked out in rainbows, covered in glitter, and showing plenty of skin. Just keep in mind the sun and heat, and don’t forget sunscreen.

The busiest section for parade viewing is along the Northalsted entertainment corridor (Halsted between Belmont and Addison). If you want a spot up close, you’ll want to get there early. If you don’t, you might not have the best view of the parade itself, but you’ll be surrounded by energetic revelers.

You may want to try other spots along the route for a better view of the parade. The section along Broadway from Montrose to Irving Park is a great place to settle in with your friends and watch the parade participants near the beginning of the route.

You won’t be able to see much from the parade assembly area north of Montrose. That area is closed for staging. 

The area along Diversey has been a great spot for those with limited mobility or other physical challenges. It is one of the lessor populated areas of the route, and it is where the accessible portable restrooms are located. Arrive early to secure the best spot.

Street parking is limited and the area will be very crowded. If you drive, consider car-pooling, and be prepared to park far away and walk to the parade route.

Public transportation offers many options. The following CTA train stops are on or near the parade route:

  • Red line: Wilson (near the parade’s start point), Addison, Belmont (the most crowded stop!)
  • Brown line: Belmont (the most crowded stop!), Wellington, Diversey (near the parade’s end point)

CTA buses may be re-routed on parade day. Visit for route-planning tools and route updates.

Ride-share apps like Uber or Lyft may be an option, though keep in mind street traffic will likely be congested. Pick a drop-off location several blocks from the parade route and walk over to the parade route.

Parking is limited, and street closures will make driving right up to the route very difficult.

Public transportion is highly recommended. Visit for route-planning tools and route updates.

Streets will be closed for both the assembly area and the parade route. The assembly area will close at 10:30 a.m., and includes:

  • Broadway between Wilson and Clark
  • Sunnyside between Broadway and Sheridan
  • Sheridan between Wilson and Clark
  • Montrose between Clark and Broadway

Street closures along the parade route will be rolling, beginning at 12 noon and proceeding south in advance of the parade. Parade route closures include:

  • Broadway from Montrose to Halsted
  • Halsted from Broadway to Belmont
  • Belmont from Halsted to Broadway
  • Broadway from Belmont to Diversey
  • Diversey from Broadway to Cannon Drive

Pedestrian crossings will be set up at the following intersections:

  • Montrose at Broadway
  • Irving Park at Broadway
  • Grace at Halsted
  • Addison at Halsted
  • Roscoe at Halsted
  • Wellington at Broadway
  • Aldine at Halsted
  • Cornelia at Halsted
  • Oakdale at Broadway

There will be portable restrooms located all along the parade route. Accessible restrooms for those who are physically challenged will be set up on the sidewalks around 600 W. Diversey.

First aid stations will be located at:

  • 901 W. Addison St.
  • 765 W. Roscoe St.
  • 3165 N. Halsted St.
  • 561 W. Surf St.
  • 802 W. Roscoe St.

Cooling buses will be located at:

  • Halsted, south of Belmont
  • Addison, west of Halsted
  • Belmont, east of Broadway
  • Wilton, north of Belmont
  • Buena, west of Broadway

Halsted, south of Belmont
Addison, west of Halsted
Belmont, east of Broadway
Wilton, north of Belmont
Buena, west of Broadway

Some might! But keep in mind that participants are not supposed to throw things out to the crowd. Likewise, spectators should never throw items at the parade participants.

There will be barriers set up along the route separating the spectator area from the street. Spectators won’t be able to run into the street to retrieve goodies. If parade participants are handing out items, they will walk over to the spectator area to do so.

Lots of people do! But keep in mind that the parade route is crowded, noisy, and full of colorful and glittery distractions. If you have a nervous pup, probably best to leave them safe at home.

Open alcohol containers are prohibited. Police and additional security teams will be enforcing this policy and fines can be up to $1000 dollars or more.

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Parade Route

The Chicago Pride Parade steps off from Sheridan and Broadway (3900 N. Broadway) in the landmark LGBTQ+ neighborhood of Northalsted and will then travel the 20-block parade route south on Broadway; then south on Halsted; then east on Belmont; then south on Broadway; then east on Diversey to Cannon Drive.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking for corporate sponsors to support our community. For sponsorship details and a customized benefits package that includes a professionally produced marketing plan, please contact Norine Smyth at or 312-799-0354

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